Diabetes is a father who can’t walk his daughter down the aisle because he has lost a leg to nerve damage from Diabetes. Diabetes is a teenage girl who can’t go to sleepovers because she’s afraid she will go into insulin shock in front of her friends.

Diabetes is a lawyer who is going blind...a teacher who’s recovering from a stroke...a dentist who’s developing kidney disease.

Diabetes is a serious disease with deadly and devastating consequences. Let us eat healthier, exercise more, and live Healthy lives - as African Americans are almost twice as likely to have Diabetes compared to the general population.

 More than three million African Americans have Diabetes. Diabetes is a serious and deadly disease. There is no cure for Diabetes; however, Diabetes can be controlled.  Most importantly, Diabetes can be prevented.

The mission of the National Diabetes Initiative (NDI) is to aid in the prevention and search for a cure of Diabetes and improve the lives of the Nobility and Courts and the Communities in which we are members, dealing with Diabetes. By joining the NDI, the members of your Temple join the movement to stop Diabetes! 
Diabetes Prevention Is Proven, Possible and Powerful!!!


Welcome to the
National Diabetes Initiative Committee
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We shall endeavor to keep all Nobles and Daughters aware of our mission, our programs and our progress.  As we work to keep Diabetes Prevention upper most in the works and efforts of our Deserts, Temples and Courts, we openly seek information, ideas and suggestions from all sources.  Please feel free to use our Contact Form to have your voices heard.

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